The new JUICER

It's great!  Watch these two quick videos and you'll know how to properly use/transport/clean/love the thing.


Here's how the dang thing works.
Here's how you clean it.


Health code does NOT require that we keep whole citrus chilled.  We are now storing the backup lemons, limes, and oranges in the DOWNBAR office (formerly keg room) on the shelf.  We go through so much citrus in squeezing and garnishing, that we should not have to worry about spoilage.  And keeping the citrus room temperature makes them easier to squeeze.  No need to soak in warm water, just cut in half and obliterate with the new juicer!  *Note that health code DOES require that we NOT put the box directly on the floor, so always keep it raised on a shelf!


Bonchon Jovi is still constructing next door.  The back alley is technically theirs, not ours.  McAllister's was kind enough to work with us and share the space for daytime parking.  Not sure how this will play out.  

I'm talking with Meg McGurk of CH Downtown Partnership to revisit the staff parking idea for the Rosemary deck.  In the meantime, here are some tips for dealing...

Use free public transportation if you can.  Chapel Hill Transit runs pretty solid hours and goes far throughout the city.  Google Maps has the schedule built in, and in conjunction with the NextBus site (and mobile app) for realtime routes, you can do pretty well.  If you're out of the service area, you can always park in the Hampton Inn deck in Carrboro for free, then ride one of the many routes in town.  My house is also available for crazy game days and such, too.  Park at my place and hop on the F (or the CW with a short walk) and bam.  I know that's not ideal, but it's something free!  Text me if you ever want to do this.  

Use the Rosemary deck for lunch and grab a ticket from someone working the night shift.  Anybody closing should still park in the deck, so get one of their tickets and reduce your price.  Check the schedule and coordinate with staff!  

If you have any questions, please ask me!


File Oct 02, 2 48 33 PM.jpeg

For sale, we have koozies for $5, blue or black tees for $15, and tanks for $20.  All prices are flat rate with tax already built in through the POS.  

Koozies may be found on both floors in the conveniently shaped Red Bull cartons.  


Tees and tanks are only stocked upstairs in the new rolling bins near Bar 11-12.  Note the sizes listed on the drawers.  If you need a medium of either tee or tank, open the medium drawer and you should find that size in all three styles. 

We're holding about 4-5 of each right now at a time.  As you see the numbers go down, please restock using the backups in the Library (formerly safe room).  Backup tees and tanks are kept in three boxes, all labeled and on the right hand side when you walk in.  



Keep ALL open containers of cherries upstairs in the lowboy cooler behind the bar.  Not in the kitchen fridge, and not in the DOWNBAR.  Unopened containers are still found in dry storage, but ANY and ALL open cherry containers will be found upstairs behind the bar, thank you!


We're making a few changes to daily specials.  Most notably, Monday is now $1 off ALL bottles & cans.  Yes, this means Natty Bohs are $1 and domestics are $1.50.  We are not necessarily promoting those in particular, but rather the fact that you can get a Jade IPA bottle for $3.  But people will still take advantage of the cheapo stuff, for sure. 

Daily Specials 10:2017.jpg

Other days have been reduced to just one main special, with Thursday and Saturday Yuengs & Wings being the second special those days.  Note Thursday is now 1/2 price wine bottles!  Barbacks, make sure you take the new daily specials into account when stocking each day.  Having fewer daily specials means the specials boards have more room for fun pictures, witty sayings, or room for other features we may be running.  

These go into effect immediately!

Any questions?  TALK TO ME!